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Household budget tips

It can be hard to keep our household budget on track at certain times of year, especially when all of the school fees come in or at Christmas. I pride myself on the fact that as a stay-at-home mother aka household manager I know how to look after our money so that my family never feels under stress about our finances. I'm a clever shopper and a an expert in moving bill payments and negotiating with companies - but my family isn't that interested in hearing about my budget prowess so I started this blog to share by tips with the world at large. I hope you enjoy.


Types of Business Insurance Products

Business insurance is a good way of protecting the time, energy and resources you have put into your business. It is one of the most essential expenses for any business that wants to safeguard its future. A good insurance policy tailored to suit your business needs, though it may look like an unnecessary expense, will protect your business as it grows and shield it from all kinds of liabilities that could threaten your financial well-being. Here are the main insurance products your business can benefit from.

Public liability insurance This is by far the most purchased insurance product for any business, especially if your business interacts with the general public. This policy compensates a member of the public should they obtain injury or have their property damaged within your business premises or if either you or your employee is directly responsible for the damage or injury. A good example would be if someone slips and falls within your premise, or if your company vehicle is involved in an road accident resulting in the injury of a member of the public. Public liability insurances protect your business from damage and injury claims by people who are not in any way associated with your business.

Employers liability Employers liability insurance policy is a mandatory cover for any business that has employees, whether on full or part time basis. It even covers self-employed contractors hired by you and includes anyone involved in any events organized by your business. In the unfortunate event that your employee obtains a work-related injury while on duty, the employers liability cover takes care of all their medical expenses and any need that could be directly linked to the injury.

Professional Indemnity Professional indemnity cover is a special kind of policy that protects your business if a client blames you or any of your employees for making a mistake that costs them huge losses. It covers the compensation payments and defence costs associated with such claims by your client. For example, if you are a consultant, you are required to have a high level of expertise and your job involves making recommendations that could either make or break a business. If you offer wrong advice, which ends up causing your client to make losses, professional indemnity cover protects you against any claims of unprofessionalism raised by your customers. Professional Indemnity cover can be customised to suit your business's needs. Some of the many extras that can be added to the same cover include data protection/copyright breaches, Breach of Confidentiality, Loss of documents, defamation or Dishonesty of employees.

For more information and options, contact a company that specialises in business insurance