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Household budget tips

It can be hard to keep our household budget on track at certain times of year, especially when all of the school fees come in or at Christmas. I pride myself on the fact that as a stay-at-home mother aka household manager I know how to look after our money so that my family never feels under stress about our finances. I'm a clever shopper and a an expert in moving bill payments and negotiating with companies - but my family isn't that interested in hearing about my budget prowess so I started this blog to share by tips with the world at large. I hope you enjoy.


Moving to Australia? 2 Things You Need to Know About Home Ownership

How exciting for you and your family to be moving to a new country to live! A big decision you need to make before you arrive in Australia is the location where you want to live, and whether you will rent or purchase your first Aussie home. Home ownership is an interesting challenge for newly arrived migrants, so these are the two main facts you need to know. Are There Restrictions On Home Ownership Based On Visa Type? Read More 

Managing Your Debt Ratio: Advice For Home Buyers

Some people are able to purchase a new property without borrowing any money, but most consumers will normally turn to a mortgage lender to help them secure a new home. When approving a mortgage, lenders consider several factors, including your current debt ratio. Learn how lenders calculate your debt ratio, and find out how to manage this financial measure to secure the best possible loan. Debt ratio definition The debt ratio is a measure that accountants often apply to businesses, but the term is also relevant for consumers. Read More