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Household budget tips

It can be hard to keep our household budget on track at certain times of year, especially when all of the school fees come in or at Christmas. I pride myself on the fact that as a stay-at-home mother aka household manager I know how to look after our money so that my family never feels under stress about our finances. I'm a clever shopper and a an expert in moving bill payments and negotiating with companies - but my family isn't that interested in hearing about my budget prowess so I started this blog to share by tips with the world at large. I hope you enjoy.


How to Optimize Your Property Investment Portfolio and Boost Cash Flow

Historically, investing in property has proven to be one of the most effective ways of realizing long-term capital growth. However, to maximize returns on investment and increase cash flow for the period that you're holding the asset, there is the need to optimize your property investment portfolio. Here you will learn some of the basic strategies that you can use to fast-track the performance of your property, improve capital growth, and generate additional cash flow. Read More 

Types of Business Insurance Products

Business insurance is a good way of protecting the time, energy and resources you have put into your business. It is one of the most essential expenses for any business that wants to safeguard its future. A good insurance policy tailored to suit your business needs, though it may look like an unnecessary expense, will protect your business as it grows and shield it from all kinds of liabilities that could threaten your financial well-being. Read More